Following Your Passion

  • Posted by: Sanjay Patel
  • 11th Apr 2016

What some people don’t know about me is that, in addition to being an investor in Chalak Mitra Group of Companies, and in addition to working with Chalak Mitra Group of Companies’ investors for the company, I’m also a medical doctor with a practice treating patients in the Dallas Metroplex. I bring this up in order to discuss following your passion and fighting against the odds.

When I was around six years old, my father and I both came down with something like the flu. We had seen a doctor and received medicine on a Friday, and Saturday morning came around with its usual routine of cartoons in the morning. I remember walking out into the living room to watch television and everything seemed dark. I even mentioned this to my mother, but she thought I was joking. After a while, it became apparent that I was truly losing my eyesight and I was taken to a nearby hospital.

After spending several days there, I gradually began to regain my sight, and through my teenage years, I would often close my eyes and feel around for objects. After a few minutes of doing this, I would open my eyes and remind myself how fortunate I am to be blessed with sight. In fact, I believe sight to be the most important among the five senses. Your sense of sight brings in the most data to the brain, and it is used to make so many decisions in life. As a result of this experience, restoring sight to those in need became my passion.

To share another story about my passion, which is helping others, I had a patient who continually gave her dog a bath because the dog looked dirty. She commented on this on our first visit. After examining her eyes, I determined that she had cataracts and needed surgery. After I had removed the cataracts from her eyes, she commented on a follow-up visit that her dog had actually been clean the entire time and that it was the cataracts that were literally clouding her vision. Something as small as this gift that I could provide to this woman is the type of thing that fuels and re-fuels my passion daily.

Passion for Service in Business

Aside from my giving in the medical community, I also love to give in the business community through my professional relationship with Chalak Mitra Group of Companies. I got involved with the six other partners after they approached me some years ago about investing. At the time, the initial group was young and had put together a business plan that I was unsure of. We discussed options, and while the initial interaction yielded no deals, I followed the company and we reconnected again years later.

Upon that meeting, I noticed that they had implemented a number of my suggestions from the first meeting, and I began to become interested in where Chalak Mitra Group of Companies was going. While running my practice, I had regular contact with the partners at Chalak Mitra Group of Companies, and we began to work out deals together. Over time, my interaction became more and more integral until we all decided that it would be best if I were brought on as a partner.

Today, I look back on those times knowing that I was able to serve Chalak Mitra Group of Companies in an indirect way, but that that service went on to help the company employ thousands of people. These are all regular folks like you and me, and most all of them have families that are also touched by the success of Chalak Mitra Group of Companies. This gives me a great sense of pride in knowing that, even outside of my medical practice, I can make a positive impact in the lives of those that I serve.

There are always going to be hard decisions in life, especially in high-pressure situations. I feel that the course of action I take with each decision I make through Chalak Mitra Group of Companies deserves the same level of scrutiny that I would provide a patient who is seeking life-changing medical advice. There are hard times that all of us encounter through our various journeys, but I believe being passionate about people is the best medicine of all.

Passion has been something that I have had to develop in life, but once it arrived, I could no longer deny it. Passion also evolves and shifts, but it never changes. Once you develop a true passion for something, you will not let it go. If you do, then it was never a passion in the first place. You may put it down for a while and explore other passions, especially when you develop new passions, but when something becomes a new passion, it is there for life. I wish you the best in finding your own passions and may you live well in all that you do.

Sanjay Patel