Dr. Sanjay Patel, MD

Managing Director with Chalak Mitra Group of Companies since 2001

Although Sanjay Patel carries the duties of a chief strategy officer at the Chalak Mitra Group of Companies (CMG), he views his role as that of a managing director as well. Sanjay is involved in seeking out growth strategies for the company and its brands, and he himself is one of the individual investors in CMG.

He says, “I have a lot of faith in the company and its leadership. Because of my involvement as an investor, I feel that I’m in a very good position to help raise capital as I have skin in the game. This instills confidence in other investors.”

Sanjay started out with Chalak Mitra Group by assisting in structuring deals that is fair to both the investors and the principals. The company follows a philosophy of ensuring that all transactions and contracts are fair and equitable for all involved parties. None of the principals at Chalak Mitra Group get paid until the investor gets paid, and the team believes that this is one of the reasons the company has seen such success. We believe in creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.

In addition to his work with Chalak Mitra Group, Sanjay is also a medical doctor more specifically an eye surgeon who practices in the Dallas area and has been voted “Best Doctor” several years in a row by D Magazine.

Sanjay and his family moved to Toronto when he was four years old. His father, an engineer, was laid off, leading the family to head to California where they got into the motel business. After a few years, Sanjay’s father made the decision to move the family to a small town in west Texas where Sanjay attended junior high school and high school. After high school, Sanjay attended Southern Methodist University and subsequently graduated from Southwestern Medical School in Dallas.

Sanjay got involved with Chalak Mitra Group when the initial team approached him with a restaurant investment opportunity. When Sanjay took a look at the business plan, he had some concerns and made several suggestions. The managing team took to heart the suggestions and incorporated most of Sanjay’s suggestions in the next business plan. After acting as an advisor for a while, he was brought on as a partner.

Regarding his favorite part of working at Chalak Mitra Group, Sanjay says, “I love it when we put a business plan together, raise capital, and when the investment starts giving out distributions. It’s really gratifying knowing that we are delivering for our investors.”

He also notes that he doesn’t invest in a business; instead, he invests in the people. Trust plays a large part in any investment Sanjay makes, and he finds that trust in the Chalak Mitra Group team. He understands that not all investments go as planned and having the right people trying to make the investment work for the ultimate benefit of the investors is a critical piece.

He and his wife of 20 years have two daughters, both of whom he describes as academically talented. His wife was studying to become a pharmacist when the two met, but she has placed that on hold in order to take care of the kids while Sanjay is at work. Carrying on an Indian tradition, Sanjay’s parents live with him, so that the grandparents can really enjoy the grandchildren.

When not working with Chalak Mitra Group or at his medical practice, Sanjay enjoys sports, noting that he played tennis in high school. He’s also an avid basketball fan and played in-line skate hockey for a while. You can also find Sanjay on the track as he loves performance driving. In addition, he’s a fan of the book “Freakonomics.”

A favorite quote of Sanjay’s is by Thomas Buxton, “with ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, anything is possible.”

He says, “Find your passion. If you’re passionate about your work, it won’t feel like work and you’ll succeed it.”

Sanjay is proud of the philanthropic work that he has done with Chalak Mitra Group in assisting earthquake victims in Nepal. He has also been contributing to an orphanage and is proud of the fact that all of his donations go directly to support the facility at the local level.

“I find that giving back to the community is so much more rewarding than anything I can do in the business world,” he states. “I became a medical doctor to help people, and I work with Chalak Mitra Group to help investors grow their own wealth. I find that when you give from your heart with passion, you’re able to look at life from a whole new perspective.”